Monday, September 7, 2015

guest bedroom curtains

this is the second post this morning that I am writing and having trouble getting started on.  I have been on internet lock down and have gotten out of practice.  maybe it's too early in the morning to find my words.  i added a bit of cinnamon to my coffee because as i sit here on the porch it is ever apparent to me that fall is coming.  the tulip poplar trees are beginning to yellow already.  i hear plenty of bird voices from the woods but the summer birds have flown the coop for the most part.  the tanagers and the hummers are the last to go it seems although i haven't heard the tanagers lately.  i know it will be months before their beautiful songs grace my ears once again.  my soul takes comfort in the voices that do stick around.  despite the heat of summer still lingering and the lack of rain the temperatures will soon change and bonfires will be our hang out.  some folks love it... the fall weather and i do admit the break from humidity will be nice but i remain a summer girl. 

i recently found the urge to make some curtains for our spare bedroom.  i had sewn a good set from old fabric scraps for our bedroom last winter and decided it was time to give our guests some privacy as well.  I didn't have enough of the colored scraps to make a set so I decided to stick with whites and creams.  I cut up old feed sacks, a Martha Washington bedspread (that I also swiped the fringe from) and a dishtowel here and there, bridge cloths and old quilting squares.  They are very makeshift and homey which I like.  I don't like shopping for shit like that... home décor... and spending unnecessary money.  what I come up with works just find.  I managed to get two sets made for the windows and have had problems finding the time to finish them.  I came home from work after a twelve hour day with all intentions of slapping the final two panels together.  when I sewed six squares together instead on five I ripped the sixth square off and tossed it aside.  that was three weeks ago.  maybe i will finish them today.  it is easier to do inside projects when the summer creek is not calling my name and you have no choice but to stay inside and find something to do. 

my old computer here has taken the liberty of sucking our gigs of internet like booze through a straw and I have had to stay off except for quick peeks at my crappy emails or facebook.  i have a new plug in modem thing now and we got some more gb whatever that is.  at least it may allow my hobby of blogging to stay afloat.


they turned out quite nice although one or two is longer than the others.  i really don't care.  I'm not much of a perfectionist. 

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