Thursday, November 19, 2015

holiday food

As I was sitting here making my grocery list and thinking of what I was making for Thanksgiving, which is coming up, I started getting really excited as some of my favorite dishes came to mind like this....
BAM... Jalapeno Dip!
BAM... Strawberry Salad!
BAM.... Sweet Potatoes!
I literally gasped out loud when I thought of the jalapeno dip that I must have made five times during the holidays last year because it is that good.  I immediately starting thinking of ingredients that I needed to have on hand for the weeks ahead.  It's funny that you are allowed to make any and all of this stuff all throughout the year but usually don't.  I think it's what makes holiday eating special.
Here are some of the things that are on my list to make.
I have made these several years now and they are wonderful.  The only thing I do differently is that I throw my sweet potatoes on the smoker while we are making the meats.  It gives them a yummy flavor.

Best jalapeno popper dip recipe
By ABeautifulMess.  Seriously one of my very favorite dips in the world as of last year.  Very easy to do and not as hot as one might think.  Just hot enough to be addictive!
Grandmother Brown's Strawberry Salad
By Me.  I love cranberry relish.  There's just something about that tiny bite of tanginess on the side.
I have made this gem countless times and it is so delicious.  I always have to hide a piece for later.
Talk about easy and on hand.  All you need for these is a box of cake mix, a tub of Cool Whip, an egg and powdered sugar.  Yum.... these are a must!  I've made just about every kind there is but the lemon will always be my favorite!

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