Wednesday, December 9, 2015

days of our day care

Oh why I have not done this before is beyond me!  Not long ago I had the big idea to add a coat rack right inside the back door of the day care which is the door we all use.  If someone knocks on the front door I make a strange face like "who the?"  I felt I needed to wait until fall was over and my lovely life-sized scarecrow was ready to be taken down.  So I waited on that but why I didn't think of this before I don't know because it is fantastic! 
I informed Shaun of my plan and he came up with a piece of wood for me to use.  I measured and he cut it to the right length... twice actually.  I didn't have a measuring tape on me nor can I locate my yard stick so I was using a one foot ruler and mis-measured the first time.  I painted the piece of wood and screwed it to the wall at a good height I think.  I also put on eight hooks that I found at Lowe's. 
I had fears of catching my bags on the hooks coming in the door or of someone hitting their head on them but the fears are gone now that the coat rack is up.  I love it so and don't see why the idea never hit me before.  I got the hankering to hang up the paper snowflakes that I made last winter so that's what I did.  I think it looks great!

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