Wednesday, December 2, 2015

new roof

I never knew how special I could feel just by getting a new roof.  But really not just getting a new roof.  Getting a new roof plus a porch cover at the day care.  Last Wednesday the guys came out from Strickland Construction came out and spent most of the day layering insulation and metal on top of our trailer... e.i. my day care and living.  I am amazed at the sound barrier and wind barrier that the roof provided.  It's much more sound in here.  I am excited that my kitchen window doesn't look like a water feature when it rains and that the other windows aren't leaking.  The new roof comes out twelve inches past the old roof line which keeps water well away from running down the sides of the trailer.  The porch cover... that's a different ball game.  It will provide shade, shelter from rain for me and the parents here and keep me from having to huff hot breath onto a frozen screen door knob this winter.  I feel so special that this roof is on... like my man really cares about my business.  Not that I didn't feel that way before.  It was his idea.  I just don't think about things like that.  I just put towels in the window sills to catch the rain.  But not anymore!  Plus it made the outside look put together somehow.  See for yourself.
Before and during...

And After...

It is really impressive in person.  I didn't get a picture of the front yet to compare it to the before.  Plus they put on new vent covers for the kitchen and plumbing.  Maybe the wasp will stay out of these.

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