Friday, February 19, 2016

Wes Anderson Flicks

I am stuck on Wes Anderson movies.  I have one that I kept from the library for two weeks and then turned around a week later and rented it again.  It all started with

that I rented last winter.  I remember Shaun and I both sitting on the edge of our seats through the whole movie.  I liked the settings and music and oddness of it and decided to look up other films that were made by Wes Anderson.  Now I have just gotten around to my movie list at the library and started renting some of them.  My very favorite is

This is the one I have watched probably nine or ten times.  It's due back tomorrow.
My next one that fascinated me is
This one is based on a classic children's book.  I watched the movie thinking that the characters and a lot of the movie was probably computerized.  It wasn't until I watched the extras at the end that I found out that they are all puppets and that each shot is made by slightly moving each puppet and taking shots.  The sets are miniature worlds.  I loved it even more!
I also watched
I thought this one was great too.  Shaun didn't much like it.  Sometimes I keep my odd movies to myself.  Bill Murray appears in a bunch of Wes Anderson movies.  Even in The Fantastic Mr. Fox although it's just his voice.  I liked the quirkiness of this film and especially the music which Billy Idol wrote for this movie.  Some of them were in French and would be in a scene where a crew member was singing and playing the guitar.
There was one that I couldn't get into.
I don't really know why.  Maybe it was my mood.  I may try it again one day.
Tomorrow I am picking up a couple more from the library that I've had brought in from all over Davidson County.  They are
It will be hard to beat the other ones I've seen.  Oh, also The Royal Tannenbaums was a Wes Anderson movie.  I saw it a long time ago back when I had cable. 
And there's my movie watching as of late.

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