Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Barbie Chairs

My sisters and I were taught by our Mother at a very young age to use what you've got.  My Barbie house when I was a child had washrag beds, Tupperware bathtubs, homemade clothing and homemade furniture.  My Mom made lots of stuff for us.  And so it seems I picked up that trait.  One specific item she made for our Barbie house was chairs from cardboard salt containers.  You can get two chairs out of one container if you cut it right.  I searched my semi-hoarding stash at the day care of recycled items and found a large oatmeal box and two salt boxes.  We peeled the labels off and I traced lines then cut them out.  I ended up with two large chairs, two small chairs and two bar stools!  The problem was deciding how to decorate each one. 
Oddly enough, I browsed the internet for ideas and couldn't find much.  I found one pattern for the chairs for sale on etsy and one picture on a blog that someone had made.  Do people not know about this? I felt I had to share to get the word out there better.  So feel free to pin any of the pictures to Pinterest.  Just reference back here so they can see how they are made. 
Anyway!  I used my famous glitter glue, mod podge and paint.  I also made cushions for each one.  I found a wonderful tutorial for pouffes.  They are actually for humans and are fabulous.  But I used the tutorial and inspiration and made several Barbie chair sized ones.  They are so easy.  I only used my sewing machine on one of them... it's the tackiest one!

Making a new bottom from an old cereal box.

Making paper roll legs for the bar stools.

Reinforcing with popsicle sticks for strength.

Looks like they are for sale in the gypsy boutique!

The complete lot of them!  I can't decide which is my favorite.

HERE is where I learned to make the Pouffes.

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