Monday, August 1, 2016

this place

Last winter I bought a new laptop from QVC knowing that my old laptop was on it's last leg.  I left my Acer plugged in while I went to work one day and when I came home my little pc that I spent so much time with over the last seven years was dead.  I got fairly good at backing up my information on my zip drive thing.  But what I found I had lost was more of my browsing on the internet and sites I loved to check in on.  Those certain blogs that I frequent by the click of a button but for some reason I couldn't remember their web addresses.  Lucky for me, I have this place.  This resource.  My own personal place that I share with so many.  Last Sunday morning it hit me.... look on your own blog at Image Inspiration... and there they were.  By sharing inspiration from other blogs on my blog I created some history and was able to find my online friends that don't even know me.  I still don't have all of the blogs in place that I used to have on my favorites menu but I'm slowly but surely working on building it back up.  It's been months since I've visited some of them.  So it was good to see old faces and beautiful sites and pictures and stories.  Funny what you get used to.

Gorgeous picture.  I haven't been taking many lately.  My big zoom lens on my Nikon is broken, the one that I loved to use.  This is from herlibraryadventures.  Click the pic to go there.
I love her vignettes.

Happy August!

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