Tuesday, June 20, 2017

blue jean patchwork queen

Sometimes, a combination of things just comes together.  A need and a want.  Well.. .really a want and a want to in this case.  I love the blue jean patchwork couch in Justina Blakeney's book The New Bohemian.  She also has a tutorial on making a blue jean, patchwork pouf.  Both of these items are hand sewn patchwork where the stitching shows and it is imperfect yet so perfect at the same time.

So, my "want" is generally and always for a new bath mat that I never seem to buy for myself.  Gross but true... I have two or three in the laundry room right now with cat puke on them.  I really like ones that I can just throw in the washing machine.  Are you following my lead here?  Minus the cat puke?

This bath mat from Walmart Plus blue jean scraps, which I have a ton of, is going to happen.

Maybe one day I will continue to blog and show you a picture.  In the mean time... I'm headed to Walmart :)

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