Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Checked Out

My "Checked Out" book for today is...
The Secret Garden
By: Frances Hodges Burnett
This was, for me, a library check out from the juvenile fiction section that I loved.  I had never seen this book although lots of people say they had to read it in school sometime or another.  I probably did too ... I just didn't.  I ran across it while searching books on 
I really enjoyed diving into the lives of these three kids and envisioning where each of them lived and the castle and condition of each of the kids, one good, two not so good at first.  Being a lover of the green thumb I liked hearing about the gardens and what was growing and could well picture it all. 
I would recommend this book, which was written in 1910 might I add, to anyone who is old enough to read good.  It is the perfect Spring and Summer read.  I read it this Spring and love it when I happen to check out a book that is based during the same season.  It really makes for a magical read.
Checked Out Rating: 9

I want to hang out with Dickon!
 Of all the characters.. he is my fave.