Friday, June 21, 2013

Flowy Summer Tanks

Howdy all!  It is HOT outside right now and it is going to stay this way for a while.  I'm not complaining!  I would much rather be wearing sunscreen and bug spray than long johns and thick coats!  Being the day care owner that I am, we have a lot of outside time and for some reason my tops are not cutting it this summer.  I don't want even a tank top clinging to me when it's hot much less a t shirt that has any thickness to it what-so-ever.  So... this puts me in search of a good, lightweight, flowy, tank top that "fits" me in the top section as, modest me, I don't want to show the girls every time I bend down to pick up a kid or toys for crying out loud.  (p.s. I can so tell by choosing comfort over fashion that I am turning 40 this year... and I love it) Plus I do a lot of garden work during the summer and am outside most of the time.
I have ordered two of the tanks below to give them a shot.  I ordered numbers three and four, both from amazon dot com although I have included links to the original website because that's where the pictures came from.. get it.  I was able to get them a little cheaper and one with no shipping.  PLUS I love the fact that I can use my rewards points off my one and only credit card, for online purchases only, on amazon.  I will update and voice my reviews of the two tanks once they arrive.

Some people are in search of the perfect cheer... I am in search of the perfect flowy tank.
And the perfect cheer.

INSTANT UPDATE!  OK obviously I blog post ahead of time.  Since I originally typed this post I have received one of the shirts by mail AND found these tops at Wal-Mart.  The ones at WM were pretty cheap.  I paid $3.96 for a couple and $5.96 for a couple, depending on desired dryness.  I LOVE... repeat LOVE these tanks.  I worked in the garden in my white one yesterday and didn't get near as hot as usual.  I love that they fit up top and don't so much around my middle.  My DC wardrobe has seriously changed and I am not near as hot playing outside with the kids.  I am enjoying the ones from WM.  I recevied the navy yoga top above yesterday and can already tell I will love the light weight fabric.  The WM ones are all cotton.  My bra straps do show but I'm not one that really cares.  You could get a criss cross sports bra and solve that issue if it bothers you.

By the way y'all, the street class truck pull is tonight in Springfield and since our out-of-town plans got cancelled due to a family illness we will be having a little in-town fun.

By the way-way, I will not be hookin Black Rose to the sled... I repeat... will NOT be hooking Black Rose to the pulling sled.  As fun as it sounds.  We tried that one night at the Stone's when we hooked her to Carey Dale to pull him out of the mud and she did not like it.  Matter of fact she threw a fit and spit out a fuse and we had to ride home with the Davis'!