Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Checked Out: Martha's Favorite Family Dinners

Ok, not really checked out so much as I bought it at the book sale at the library.  Had I known how much I would come to treasure these videos, I would have checked it out long ago.  It was total book sale fate.  This dvd of my sister Martha's (not really so much in reality... her being my sister and all) is fantastico!  It is full of quick cook meals and side dishes and pasta dinners and chicken and meat and fish dinners.  You will love it. 
Funny story, I was making Lemon Chicken Cutlets in a perfect lemon sauce with capers and Shaun came in the kitchen asking if he could help me do anything... aaawww... I turned and said "not really... hold up... pause the tv... now unpause.... pause.... unpause."  This went on pretty much until i was finished and Shaun got to help make supper to boot!
I so far have made (bear with me on the names, I left the dvd at home and am blogging during nap time) Lemon Chicken Cutlets, Squash Casserole (with guest, master chef from Belle Meade Plantation) Spicy Flank Steak, Crusty Mustard Chicken.  But each of them require minimal ingredients and you end up with minimal clean up and a dish ready in about 15 minutes.  I love it and tonight... Chicken and Dumplings!
Here is the amazon link MARTHA
Nashville Library still has it if you'd like to rent it.
I'd lend you mine but I can't bear to part with it until I've made everything!
Checked Out Rating 10!