Tuesday, September 10, 2013

drying parsley

This is my first summer to dry Parsley correctly.  Where the bright green color stays and it crisps up just right.  I finally figured out that it has to dry in a dark place.  I was hanging them in the window at home and at the dc.  Which was the wrong thing to do.  They got oddly limp and turned black.  Not good.  So this time I used a coat hanger and twist ties.  I carefully yet tightly twisted each branch with w tie and twisted it on a coat hanger then hung it inside a closet at the dc in the big kid room.  A week and a half later I checked it.  It was perfectly green, perfectly dry and wonderfully held it's flavor and smell.  I got it now... look out Parsley!



Funny fact... I read a Farmer's Almanac from the early 1900's that said "Only a witch can grow parsley from seed."  I'm sure it was just a tale because it's not really difficult to do.