Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Puttin Up the Zuke

When zucchini get too big, because it seems it can overnight, what do you do?  
Most throw it out because it can be tough or grainy.  I don't like to waste what I've grown even if it is too big.  Actually, squash casserole is perfectly fine using larger squash or zucchini.  But I put mine up in the freezer.  I simply chop in up into cubes and wrap up about a cup of chopped zucchini in heavy duty aluminum foil and place the packets into gallon size freezer bags.  I have a couple of soup recipes that I love to make during the winter and cold months that call for zucchini.  So I simply take out a packet and plop the frozen zuke right in the cooking pot of soup.  I prefer the larger zucchini for this because it holds together better being frozen and in hot soup. 
There you go!  It has been such a wet summer that just about all of my zucchini got too big because the garden was too muddy to walk in.  I spent more time with my shoulders slouched and a frown beside our garden this year that frankly I'm ready to mow it all down and give up.  Did I really just say that?? That's pretty bad y'all.

Feel free to put up that extra large squash too!