Monday, October 14, 2013

BellBuckle is Here!

Want a great weekend adventure?  Why not tote-cha-self to BellBuckle Tenneessee this weekend, October 19th & 20th, for the annual Webb School craft fair!  This is an event that we Do Not Miss in my family!  Some of us that is, have been going to this shindig for simply years upon years. 
Here's some pics from previous years to get you in the mood.  I will recommend, number one, going... and number two, being prepared!  My recommendations on the latter includes wearing comfortable shoes, being prepared for the weather, toting a good sized light weight bag for goodies, not locking your keys in your car, scoping out the rarely used port-o-johns, getting there early, and hitting up the family that sells turnip greens, white beans and cornbread.  You will not regret it I promise!  Oh and bring a friend.  That way someone can keep up with you!
 I am generally pretty hyped up on the ride there.
Iron workers.


Big hats.

Black cats. (funny thing is that I own a cat just like this)

Buttons and signs.

Crab apples and oddities.

Cool jackets.

Primitives N junk.

Plenty of sittin room.

Historic BellBuckle.

More potties than you can shake a stick at.

White beans and turnip greens.

People that will eat white beans and turnips green with you at 9:00 AM.

Interesting crafty people.

Fair Hair.

Apples and Elvis.

Lots O People.

Pink poodles, pouty faces and parking.
I really hope to see you there.  Our car is currently full, people wise, but you are welcome to tag along for the road trip.