Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekend Adventures: Bellbuckle 2013

You had to have known this was coming!  We had an awesome trip to Bellbuckle Tennessee to the huge craft fair put on my the Webb School.  Some of it put on by the Webb School and over the years it has overflown into including the entire town and we love it!  There were tons and tons of booths.  We mainly stick to the junky ones and boy did we find a new fave!  I had my usual turnip greens and white beans just as soon as I could get to them.  We had wonderful weather. 
I'm just going to hush and let the pictures say it for me. 

I love to take tons of pictures so I can go back and look at them later to notice things I overlooked then.  Oh and for the lovely Bellbuckle memories!  Seven of us went this year in two cars.  I think I can speak for us all in saying what a great time we had!