Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Adventures: The Maiden Voyage

This weekend we joined a group of our friends for camping not too far from home.  This was our first time camping in our Scotty.  I have to say that I absolutely am happy with our little camper.  It is just right for us and although she still needs internal work like new curtains, water issues fixed and trailer lights (yikes) she camped like a dream.  There is plenty of storage so things aren't on the floor and silverware is in it's proper drawer.  We ate good, hung out with good friends and family and had beautiful weather.
I began our camping journal Saturday morning.... early.  I got up when the sun was just a red hue on the clouds.  As I sat by myself I got inspired to write what was going on at that time.  I began writing in my spiral notebook and then it dawned on me that it should be the way I begin the journal.  Documenting can be different for each trip.  I thought I'd share what I wrote.
November 9, 2013
Our first morning, waking up in our new camper.  It's opening day of muzzle loader season and as I sit with Kate, outside in the crispness of the early morning, I hear the occasional shot fired and feel like I am missing something.  I had to call down Kate from some fishermen trolling by in the lake.... another shot.... and they soon left their spot.  I can hear chickadees, squirrels, crows, a little woodpecker knocking and laughter from campers in tents close by.  I stoked the fire back up as much as I could, enough to keep me warm.  We are at Bledsoe State Park campground in Gallatin, TN and we are joined by Jody and Julie at Camp Davis, Stevie and Brooke in their fabulous revamped '71 Airstream and Roger and Mary Evelyn in their home away from home.  When night fell last night Shaun pointed... another shot... out a pair of owls having a chat across the lake and.. another shot... Canadian geese loudly finding a spot for the evening.  I hear the geese now along with Carolina wrens.  I saw a black... shot... and white bird that I did not know on ME's camper - looked like a Kingbird but they've already migrated.  The breeze has changed the direction of the campfire smoke coming up from the lake... shot.

Oh my that sweet Katie Bug... seven whole months old.  She didn't care much for wearing a leash but she did get plenty of play time... she made sure of that!

The Mister emerges.

This heron  fished a lot around this spot.  Must be her honey hole.

Our campstead.

Breakfast when camping is always soooo good.

I quite enjoy washing dishes outside.

I didn't sleep well the first night.  I don't usually sleep well when we're not at home.  The second night I slept like a baby... which was good.

Camp Davis.

The Vista Sophisticate poses.

By the way... here is Shaun's old camper in the background of this photo.  We made a big step up!
This was taken at Bledsoe State Park campground, March 21, 2008.  It eventually shook apart.  And yes that is a Bocephus curtain in the window.