Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Home Tour: Our Guest Room

I am starting our home tour here on my blog with our guest room.  When thinking of sharing my world in this way with you I really didn't expect this to be the room I began with.  But this past weekend the morning light was coming through the windows in a really nice way.  I call it our guest room mainly because it's where our guests sleep when we have them.  It is also the room that gets good morning sun so I over-winter some plants who spend their summer out on the porch.

The room houses a bed, dresser and chest of drawers from my Grandparent's home.  The three pieces were in their basement while I was growing up.  There was a huge fireplace also in their basement and an electronic football game that was large and loud and was stored underneath this bed.  The four posts were cut off at some point long ago.  They did a good job but obviously they used to be a lot taller.

The corner cabinet was from my Grandmother Covington.  It lived in her dining room and then with my sister Tracy until I got it many years ago.  It was in my kitchen (covering up an air vent.. duh) until last summer when I decided it didn't make sense anymore for it to cover up the air vent.  I like it in this room and hate that I cleaned it out when I moved it.  I still remember everything that was in it  and even go to look for things there.  The corn shucker on top was a gift from Shaun's Granny.  I love it and can only imagine all the hard work and canned corn it helped her create.

The Raggedy Ann and Andy's belonged to my sisters and then me.  We all played with them.  The cradle is a Hulsey heirloom.  Shaun's Grandfather and his siblings were all rocked in it.  I am not positive if it is older than that.  I'll have to ask Aunt Juanita again.  The globe lamp was my Aunt's, mothers.  The poster above the bed is one in a collection of Baja Burrito posters I have hanging around the house and the enamelware kettles are part of my enamelware affliction... I mean addiction.

I plan on sharing one room per month this year with you.  And when I run out of rooms I'll start with the outside!  Toodles!

P.S. you can see tons of photos of the building of our house HERE from start to finish.

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