Friday, January 24, 2014

journal pages

I generally keep a journal.  Although I don't write in it every day, I do enjoy looking back at things I wrote, pictures I printed and pasted, recipes, feelings, etc.  It helps sometimes to get those sort of things out and my journal is the perfect place.  Last year I called it my "Inspiration Journal."  I made it a point to print out pictures and cut out beautiful images that served as a moment of inspiration.  That way if there was a craft I found or something about the garden, I would have it with me when ever.  When I borrow images from the internet (telling on myself here)  I simply copy and paste them into a program on my pc and when I get a page full I print it off, cut the pictures out and glue stick them into my journal.  I have loved this process.  I even print out some of the collages that I make for this blog.  They are so pretty and I love making them and sharing them with you.  I thought it might be fun to share a page from my journal once in a while with you.  So here is my first.  I will have a list of the items after the images so you can be directed to the interesting things and where I found them online.  Thanks for playing!

This cubby hole cabinet is on sale and would be handy in my craft room!

While checking on how much a subscription would be to bon appetit magazine, I ran across this article.  I used to get this mag.  Although I never remembered ordering it, I got lots of tips and recipes from it and miss it terribly.

I think the eyelike reusable stickers would be a lot of fun around the dc.  Especially the garden ones!

If I was a mom and had friends who were willing... this sounds so much fun!  This post recommended The Goldfinch.

Pretty neat and free 2014 Stargazing printable.

I completely got stuck on this blog last week.  Having a glimpse into a beautiful life so different from my own always inspires me.

My doctor has recommended I change my diet considerably.  I have to cut meats down from 3 a day to 3 per week and so on.  This website I feel will serve as a big help.  They have tons of recipes.

This documentary, Blood Brothers, on Independent Lense that aired Monday night on NPT channel 8, opened my heart and made me feel selfish about my own physical issues seeing what these kids deal with every day.  What a heart Rocky has.

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