Wednesday, February 5, 2014

a recipe for rabbit

There have been two very successful rounds of rabbit hunting around here in the last month.  Enough so that the first hunt brought (I wanted to say brang right then) home six and the second hunt, two weekends later, brought home thirteen!  Granny cooked a batch for us at her house one night and after the second hunt I asked Shaun to keep a couple of fresh ones out for me to cook.  I used a recipe from a new cookbook I have called Living Naturally from some local gals from Living Naturally Group of Middle Tennessee.  The recipe I found is from Gina Cooper who says it is a family favorite.  Well guess what... it's a family favorite in our house now too!  I made a few changes from the original recipe like adding the mushrooms.  Enjoy!

You seriously have no idea how wonderful this recipe is.  Wine sauce can make anything good!  Not to mention the heavenly aroma left hanging in the house for two days.  I could drink this sauce with a straw!

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