Friday, February 28, 2014

yard sale training

a few more pictures from the flea market last weekend.  i love seeing what i missed in the pictures that i took.  not really.  but i do get ideas on what to look for at yard sales should i be in the market for something and want it cheap!  yard sale season is just around the corner!  and in case you were wondering, there are five seasons... winter, spring, yard sale, summer, fall.  take your pick on which is your favorite.  i tend to be a summer girl myself... accompanied by... yard sale.

now, a bit of yard sale training to get your eyes in gear in the form of "I Spy".

I spy a blue cross, a pink donut, two chinese beads, an orange frame and pears..
I know.. that was way to easy.

I Spy a duck decoy, five pumpkins, a Bambi book, a silver helmet,a mini rolling pin,
 an eagle and a wee black doll.
 Still pretty easy but I bet you had to focus.

 I spy a bronze statue, three gnomes, a set of china cups and saucers, a happy face,
a mortar and pestle, two blue ball jars and eight time pieces.
This is fun.

I spy, a jack daniels bottle, seven faces, four turkeys, a trophy, and a ladder.
 That one made me giggle.

I spy a tree and the number four, two ladders, a star wars sign, and iron kettle,
 valentines and a wooden foot stool.
Feel like you're spending way too much time on this blog?  Then you're not ready for yard sale season!  Keep going!  Just a couple more.  I am having way too much fun.  Combining two of my favorite things, 
I Spy and junk! 

I spy three parrots, driftwood, two humongous dough bowls, the competition, blue sky and 
nothing that you need.  Move on.

I spy a candy jar, a stove, a saucer, a big enamelware bowl I should have bought, a bicycle,
a cupcake pan and a scotty dog.
 Let me know if you can't find something.

I spy a hook, a chest, an odd statue, a trash can, three wooden boxes, a violin, 
four ladders, a basket and ten fans.
 I realize there are two additional fan bases.  Only a professional yard sale-r would have noticed that.
You are making me so proud right now.

Ok, last one.
 I spy zep, five grain sacks, four wagon wheels, a blue wire basket, a red enamelware bowl, a boat motor, a gas can, an oil can, three pumpkins, a stack of baskets, more bounce per ounce, and a six wheel wagon.
Tripped you up a little bit on the wheels.  Oh well... here's a bonus one.  Not many look at the costume jewelry so it's extra credit training.

I spy a horse, a ballerina, three butterflies, a gold bracelet, two pink roses, a pearl head and a golden basket.

Now, if you can still focus enough to see good go hit some yard sales!  You are officially tuned in!
Congrats and love from your little friend Laurie!

P.S. Happy Birthday tomorrow Kristen!!!!

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