Friday, March 21, 2014

lovin' right now

1) i truly love a book that tells a good story, paints a beautiful picture and gives me lines 
that I stop and write down.  haven't finished this book yet but i am enjoying it!

2) i have been using avocado oil in place of face lotion... sorry oil of olay!  
AO has lots of skin benefits.  wish i had tried it before the wrinkles started 
appearing some years ago.  check out some benefits of avocados here  

3) i'm hooked on almond butter since peanut butter kicked me out of it's club! dang allergies

4)  the movie was different.  the soundtrack i love!  
i dig spanish guitar!  can i get that on a bumper sticker?

5) my All About Health doc.. Dr Clifford has me using this Meant to Bee healing slime on 
one leg and not the other to see the difference in my psoriasis clearing.  
the other leg is getting very jealous. 
 i really like the stuff so far.  Meant to Bee organics. (local!)

6) i truly never dreamed having fresh bread at our table for two could be so easy and 
delicious.  the dough keeps in the fridge for 14 days and you can cut off and use however
much you need during that time.  i even made pizza crust from it (while listening the #4 soundtrack) 
and was in awe of my work so much that i teared up when our beautiful pizzas were done. 
 energy in the kitchen that night!

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