Thursday, April 24, 2014

cowgirl veggie burritos

Now here's one of my new favorite go-to's for lunch!  Cowgirl Veggie Burritos.  I kinda made this one up... along with a little help from a black bean dip recipe that used to be on the side of a can of black beans!  But, according to my new diet, I need to find other ways of getting protein besides eating meat... hence the black beans and brown rice.  They are a perfect combination for this easy recipe.  And if the tomatoes with chilies in the rotel isn't enough kick for you, the pepper jack cheese should do the trick.  I usually keep this mix in the refrigerator at work.  It's so easy for me to heat up and put together while I am making the kid's lunches.  We also have it as a quick lunch or supper at home.  

I first made these the last time we went to Windrock, four wheeling.  We always take our lunches while riding which generally consist of sandwiches and chips.  It was too much for me to think of what I could take to eat for lunch on the trail that wouldn't involve meat.  So I made a batch of these a few days before we left, wrapped them in plastic wrap and froze them.  I took them out of the freezer before we left and by lunch they were thawed out enough to eat.  Did I mention they are good cold too?  Shaun and I even snacked on them outside of lunch.  I also pre-made guacamole to take with chips too!  It felt so good to know that I had a good veggie lunch waiting for me in the cooler.

P.S. Here's where we went to Windrock this last time and here's a good vegetarian breakfast treat!

Do you have any vegetarian recipes that you just love? I'd really enjoy having more good go-to's that are fairly easy to make!  Please share!

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