Thursday, April 17, 2014

weekend plans and inspiration

How do you keep up with your weekend plans?  Do you keep a list or just make mental notes?  Do you have it all written neatly in a calendar or some ipad program? Or do you just wing it?  By Thursday of each week I normally have a good grocery list started on one page of my spiral and notes jotted down for Friday, Saturday and Sunday of things that need to be done and places I need not to forget to visit.  There are always things that need to be done, I know.  But what about the things that make you.... well... you?  What about making a list of things that will help you reconnect with you and things that you like to do, hear and watch?  There's not a thing wrong with pulling a couple of old tapes out of the attic to listen to or adding something fun to make to your weekend.  Maybe it's a magazine that you have been meaning to sit down with or a recipe for french toast that slips by unmade on an average weekend.  Plan something fun for yourself!  Even if it only lasts a few minutes, you've spent a bit of time reconnecting with who you are inside and what you like to do, right?

I actually didn't think this idea up myself.  There's a gal that writes a blog that I follow called Wadulisi Woman.  She posts weekend inspiration every Friday and I love seeing and being inspired by her.  I decided to do this for myself and come up with things that speak to me on my own.  Hers are awesome and a little different than my own.  Please check them out!  I look forward to seeing her inspiration every week and definitely have been inspired by her tastes!

I made a printable for you to help you get started.  Just right click and print or copy a paste as you wish.

By all means, please don't feel like you need to fill them all in.  Maybe you just want to squeeze in a little Bocephus or some Cinnamon Popcorn or maybe even a little lie down in the sun for ten minutes (ear plugs optional but recommended!)  Here are my plans for me this weekend.

So.... what ARE you going to do this weekend?

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