Monday, April 7, 2014

weekend shots

My sister and I visited a barn sale in Madison on Friday.  These are a few of my favorite pictures.

Easter centerpiece decor maybe?

A tulip in my yard.

I wrote this last weekend on Sunday morning when it was raining.

One of my favorite finds.

Found a few violets blooming already.  Not enough for violet jelly.

My very favorite find!  Funny when asking for be directed to any morels if they are there I didn't expect to come away with an arrowhead, that in my opinion, is shaped like a small morel.  When I looked down and saw it in my path I smiled and said "my what a sense of humor you have."

The trout lilies are blooming by Sunday

Fire Pinks soon to bloom.

Frog eggs soon to hatch.

Katie Bug swimming.

I love this picture of her barking.  Which she is very loud when swimming.

Hiking buddy and niece Kris.

Another hiking buddy, sister Tracy.

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