Monday, April 14, 2014

weekend shots

I really hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine.  I had good spirits both Friday and Saturday, really enjoyed my second yoga class, my trip to the library, mushroom hunting (with no success), and loved the sunshine and warm weather this spring has brought so far.  

I found mushrooms... just not the morels I had in mind.

Kate treed two squirrels.  She is definitely aware of her surroundings.

I was mushroom hunting on Friday and the wild iris hadn't bloomed but by Sunday they had.  I was lucky I decided to take another walk or I may have missed them by next weekend.

A four-leaf trillium must be lucky!

And last but certainly not the least... Miss Katie Bug decided to take up swimming in the pond this weekend!  She's so precious and when her front paws splash she barks.  So cute.

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