Tuesday, May 13, 2014

potting sink redo

My ever fantastic potting sink just got a little sassier!  The sink came out of the same house that my claw foot tub came from... a house bought by my sister and her husband as rental property.  I originally wanted to put the sink in our spare bathroom but that idea got shot down so my loving Father built me a heavy duty stand to hold the heavy duty old sink.  Before now, it's never been painted or stained and I got a squirrely hair to paint it a sassy color and plant some trailing petunias in the sink.  My sister Mary Evelyn and I browsed through her spare paint and grabbed a color, came to my house and slapped it on.  I must admit it is pretty bright but for sure in a shabby chic kind of way!

We had to create a barrier with junk to keep Kate from being blue too!  She was in the mood to play.  She's staring at her frisbee willing it to move here.

I promise I helped.

The finished product!  I added one more petunia plant to thicken the pink color and also an asparagus fern potted in an old colander.


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