Monday, September 29, 2014

fall at the flea market

This past Friday, my sister Mary Evelyn, our friend Christal and I, ventured out to the Nashville flea market.  We spent the whole day browsing around on a gorgeous with blue skies and plenty to see.  September if one of the largest of the year.  There were even booths in the furthest outside barn and I am a firm believer in the further away from the action the cheaper the prices.  Well.. for the most part.  I did buy a large enamelware bowl for three bucks.  I didn't even have to haggle with the guy... and it's in awesome shape.   I will tell you this much... Fall is everywhere.  From pumpkins to creepy baby dolls limbs the flea market was in good form for the season.  We had a blast... even left to eat lunch at Baja Burrito (my fave of all time) and went back for more... dang near til they closed!

Someone spent some time on this one!  I gather the different threads were dyed using the bits of nature they point to.  Pretty neat! 

This fella sang us a song with our names in it.  Pretty clever guy. 

 The lady in this booth sassed me for taking pictures.  I told her I usually won't if it's original art.  You're selling kid's blocks lady and no... I won't buy anything now.

 I wanted this mirror.  I loved the worn velvet look to it but she wouldn't come off the price enough and it was too early in the day for me to drop this much on a mirror.  At least I have a photo memory of it.

 I have been wanting one of these rock salt lamps for a month or two.  Ever since I saw one at a yard sale and didn't even ask how much it was.  Well... I have one now.  I didn't buy from this vendor for twenty bucks.  I walked on and wound up finding one for ten dollars later in the day.  I love it!

In my taxidermic conquest I vow to make this full mount laying down my goal.  

Who wants a caramel apple??

I really liked this sterling silver ring with a crystal.  I've not seen one like this ever.  It looked pretty old and wasn't priced terribly high but alas the thing was just too small.

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