Thursday, January 8, 2015

Around Here

As most all of you know, if you live in Tennessee, we are in the midst of a bit of a cold snap.  This morning our temperature gauge was reading four degrees.  I think Shaun said the wind chill was minus twelve or something like that.  Cotton and Kitty spent the night in the basement last night.  It's not the tropics down there but it ain't the arctic either!  I debated on bringing Cotton in.  I know chicken's bodies grow somewhat accustom to the temperatures and she has her house full of hay and cedar shavings in her coop that she sleeps in but Shaun felt differently and knew I would change my mind and worry about her being out there.  So she slept in a dog crate just in case Kitty the killer got any funny ideas. 

This morning, I walked in the day care to fifty two degrees which still felt very warm compared to the outside.  In an attempt to warm the place up more I plugged in two heaters and got the temp up to sixty two after an hour or so which still isn't bad considering how crappy the windows are in the mobile home I call my work place.  When the wind was cutting from the north west yesterday with minus temperatures I could feel a slight draft from time to time.  There was also frost on the outside of the windows that I took complete advantage of with my camera and just have to share a few with you.  Funny how something so cold can be so beautiful.  

This ice was actually on the inside of the screen door.  It condensates regularly.

I claim to be a finder of feathers and feel they are put in my path at times.
When I looked at these I felt the same way.  They are wispy just like feathers only on one window. 

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  1. Beautiful pictures Laurie! Thank you for sharing.


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