Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Things

A tiny list of things on the first day of Spring that would make my Spring a whole lot springier!

1 new mirrored shades from Walmart $5.00 so it does hurt too much to get them scratched

2 new Converse because my old ones are wearing mighty thin from the soles to the holes!

3 This maxi skirt from Forever21 is they'd ever get it back in stock.

4 would someone please make a miracle cellulite cream?  I'm not eat up with it but I'm self conscious of it at the same time.  Avon used to make a good cream that I tried years ago.  Walgreens should have the Nivea pretty decently priced.

5 new garden gloves!  a gotta have for me!  I've got holes in the fingers of mine which goes against the point of wearing them!  I get these at Tractor Supply and they are about ten dollars.  I like the durability and the vel-cro wrists.

Looks like I need to put in some overtime at the dc!

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