Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Recent Shots

Well howdy doo.  It's been a couple of weeks since my last confession... I mean post.  As I posted a little bit ago I have had some computer problems and for a couple of weeks I ignored my computer and left it at home instead of taking it to work with me and getting frustrated.  Then I took it to my repair guy where it spent several days and I got it back last week.  In all truth I have enjoyed not having it for the most part.  I've read a couple of books and colored in my coloring book to pass the time during naptime.  I even sat out on the back porch and worked on my farm girl tan... you know arms and calves with my face covered of course. 

Since I've been gone I have had a niece graduate from college, have started walking the driveway at day break again, have had an Amish couple come up for a possible wild herb class to be held here, I've planted seedlings and bulbs, had more ticks attached to me than ever and haven't finished my quilt!  Plus we finally bought a new gas grill that I am thrilled about.  It's been busy as ever around here.  Hopefully we will get the garden planted this coming long weekend although I wish we were going camping somewhere.  If we could pull the camper down to the creek camp sight I would be thrilled and pretend I was on vacation! 

Killdeer Nest and Eggs

My quilt top finished.

A couple of the graduation party.

A morning walk in the creek.

No wonder my feet like to have froze when we went four wheeling.  They held water the second she hit the creek.

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