Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Around Here

Around Here... I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger... as Shaun would say.  Due to the fact that I will be sending two of my day care kids to Kindergarten in a month I have taken on another child at the day care and all in all I am at my job 58 to 60 hours a week now.  I am planning a "send-off" indoor summer camp for them all next week that I am so excited about.  Our garden is growing and I seem to find myself in the dirt every night after supper pulling grass and pig weed trying to stay ahead of the game.  I've been working on the Dove Hunt magazine for my Father-in-law again which we normally take to the printer around the tenth of July.  Here's hoping I have it done by then this year.  So naturally speaking I have missed blogging and sharing it all with you the last few weeks.  I haven't taken the time to pick my camera up much but here are a few shots that I have managed to squeeze in. 

I do rest to watch the sunrise on the way to work some mornings.

Sweet Carolina Wren feeding her babies on our porch.

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