Monday, September 14, 2015

Image Inspiration

 This little segment of my series called Image Inspiration is done in DC style.  DC meaning day care!  I love to fish around the internet for ideas for the kids and I whether it pertains to simple crafts to take home or decorate the day care or art that goes along with books that we are reading.  I think the book crafts help the kids to remember what the books are about.  one of my preschool kids told me that in his new pre-k class that have books we've read here but not the crafts that we've done.  Made me smile. 

I get emails from a website called Nurture Store each week that has games, crafts and sensory play ideas for kids.  These first two are from the email that I got last week.  I already have the shells for the first one and the second fish craft is from household items so... done and done! 
how to make a shell mobile
simple fish craft for preschool

One Duck Stuck is a book that we have checked out from the library right now.  The craft that we will be done differs a little bit from the one to match the book below but it is the image that my inspiration came from.

And I love this candy corn garland found on
I've already made some and it's hanging in the day care.  Ofcourse I probably don't have to tell you that mine has gold, orange and white glitter since I am a total glitter freakazoid!

Candy corn garland made from painted paper plates, a kids Halloween craft project.

And while shopping for a picture of candy corn garland because I couldn't remember where I originally saw it I found Christmas tree paper plate garland that I may just have to pre-make today!
Oh what fun it is!

Precious huh?!?!

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