Friday, September 18, 2015


I love the library but truthfully I haven't been going much lately.  Lately I have only wanted one book to just read before bed or during naptime at the day care.  I have also only wanted one video.  That being some sort of sitcom to have on while I am working in the kitchen.  I admit, when I saw that the library was getting The Wiz, starring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, I got a little excited.  I watched it growing up and still have certain scenes permanently engraved in my mind and some of the songs!!  Ease on down ease on down the road!  I think I might have mentioned The New Bohemians interior book on a previous list but I'm still waiting on it.  And I am hoping the either The Marriage of Opposites or A Window Opens will keep me captivated long enough to finish them.  I loved the last book I read, Bloodroot by Amy Greene, but the second book I got of hers, Long Man, I can't get into for some reason.  I find myself wondering if it can really last that long and just want to know if the chick and her kid in the town leave before they block off the water to the new dam and flood the town.  I have skipped forward I admit. 
I also admit that I have taken bike riding back up.  Please don't get an image of me in your head in spandex on some expensive bike blocking half of a lane of back roads getting in the way of passing cars.  I just truck around the shop.  I've gotten quite good at dodging the camper, trucks, stray motors and air hoses and can get pretty good speed up if I've got the right music in my ears.  I think Shaun likes the company and sometimes when he drops a tool while working on his trucks I'll just glide over, scoop it up and hand it to him and be on my merry way while we can still chat yet I'm really not in the way.  Plus I get a little exercise.  I bet I rode that bike for two hours last Sunday... maybe more.  Here's a picture of me on the Vista Sophisticate.  That's when we went camping last year.  I love the last picture of Shaun with Katie Bug in that post when it was raining and we had to stay inside for a while that morning.

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