Monday, June 2, 2014

weekend adventures: defeated creek

What a relaxing and good time we had camping, for the second time in our Scotty, over the Memorial Day four day weekend.  We were at Defeated Creek campground in Carthage, Tennessee along with three other campers full of friends.  On Sunday afternoon, I called my friend and excitedly explained my afternoon of bike riding, swing set finding and Shaun, Brooke and I taking a bike ride to the marina for ice cream.  When my story was over I said "wow... that sounded like an eight year old's conversation".  It's Ok to act like a child and do things out of the norm.  Plus the swings had sand underneath them so I pretended I was on the beach.

My Dad made this sign for us.

Extra yummy ribs Shaun cooked for lunch on Saturday.  The meat, of course, from our pigs.

Table tennis anywhere you go!

Stevie's pre-war, 1936 bicycle.  Heavy and rides like a dream.

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