Monday, December 21, 2015

2015 most popular posts

What a fantastic year!  I scanned back through my blog posts during 2015 and picked a few that ranked top in number of views.  I plan on being pretty scarce over the next couple of weeks and taking some time off from my job and blogging to spend time winding down the year. 
Coming in at number one with almost 500 views... wow!  This is when I made curtains from scrap fabric for our bedroom.  These aren't the best pictures in the world but they do show what I made.
My clothesline that I can put up and take down with each use at the day care.
The Oasis... ah I miss it already.  I've taken it all down and brought the plants in for winter.  It will definitely be back next year. 
Awe my little greenhouse.  A place where my garden begins each year.
The herb hike held on our farm was the absolute best thing!  I think they are planning on doing it again this next year.
Camp Arrowhead ROCKED!  I planned and carried out "camp" at the day care.  We took walks, made lots of things,  had a faux campfire and told stories.  So much fun.
I do lots of these library posts but this one houses the best book I read all year... The Girl on the Train.  I have recommended this fast and good read to so many people.

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