Tuesday, January 12, 2016

and for my next trick

Get ready... you are about to get as tired as my sister Mary Evelyn is of hearing about my dollhouse stuff!!!  But it is for sure what is going on right now.  I have thought about redoing the dollhouse that my Dad and I built together in 1988 for some time.  I was simply lacking the inspiration.  But now the time is here.  Things like part of the roof coming off, not enough shingles to finish the job, clunky door hinges and the fact that I gave most of my furniture to my neighbor when I moved, aren't really a big deal.  I reckon it's because I feel creative enough to make provisions and simply "make something" that will work. 

So Saturday I got my dollhouse down and started the clean up.  I want a total overhaul from top to bottom.  And apparently the previous attic renters left a mess when they moved out.  Why do mice have to poo everywhere?  It's rude.  I was glad to find that I had only taped the carpet down so it came up easily.  The wallpaper was a different story.  I started out my wetting it and while it worked it didn't come off like I wanted it to.  So Sunday I remember that I already had Downy fabric softener mixed up with water in a spray bottle so I got it out and went to spraying.  This worked a lot better!  I had to scrape and vacuum up the bits but it got things to a more comfortable and workable level. 

I have also been working with clay making things for the inside and for the Barbie house.  I'll show you that stuff a different day.

Oopsie!  Part of the roof let go.  It's actually a good thing because it allows me to access that part of the attic easier.  My hands are a lot bigger than they used to be!

All stripped down to a good canvas to work with.  I am going to plank the upstairs ceiling with small craft sticks.  Shaun suggested that I use corrugated cardboard to cover the roof to look like a tin roof.  Those wooden shingles aren't budging so I will build up and rest of the roof line to match with cardboard.  I plan to make everything that I can and get out of this renovation as cheaply as possible while still making it look the way I want it to. 

I did order a set of lights to finally light up this little dwelling.  I always wanted to do that when I used to play in it.  Another thing that excites me about making the furniture and things is that it won't get "played with".  When I put it there it will stay there.  Unlike the Barbie house which is meant to be played with.  This is meant to be looked at and I will know how gentle to be.

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