Saturday, January 2, 2016

image inspiration
On Saturday evening, just hours after arriving home from our four wheeling trip, I sat down at my computer.  I admit I have been avoiding browsing my favorite blogs lately simply because of disinterest.  I had thought of a couple on the way home and looked them up.  As I went through a couple of posts on MoontoMoon I got stuck on this picture.  At first I thought of a succulent that I still have from my cousin's wedding and then of an odd piece of stained glass that is in a drawer in the craft room and then of another piece of stained glass that is in our bedroom.  All of which will go in the bathroom window above the tub when I take down the bird tree and put away the strand of lights now on the windowsill. 
I then proceeded to write down my list of things to do tomorrow and was inspired to do things like trim leaves on house plants and rethink the kitchen dust shelves.  I also need to find my 2016 journal and clean up the craft room as well as the shower and a multitude of other things.  But... when one single image sends my creative and homey brain into a frizzy it is a good thing. 
Vacation detaches you from home for a spell.  I admit that when I walked into our house it felt good but it felt cluttered.  Maybe because the cabin we stayed in doesn't have much on the walls.  Or maybe because we had a very busy Christmas day and left early the next morning to go out of town for a week and some of my Christmas things were still out.  Time just sort of stood still while we were gone.  I've come home and see things that need to be done which feels a little stressful but I am home now and have the time to do them.  So maybe this image needed to serve as my inspiration to re-do while I am at it.  It's not a major re-do by any means at all.  Just a simple "this goes here now".
Even though I love to drink coffee in the morning in the chilly mountains during a week long vacation, I can't wait to have a cup looking out of my own windows tomorrow morning.

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