Thursday, May 23, 2013

Homemade Granola

You talk about something good!  Granola has so many uses and a good, easy batch is easier to make than you think.  I love it in yogurt, in making cookie bars and granola bars, on ice cream, in a bowl with milk or heck, straight from the bag!  This recipe is super easy and it's ingredients can be altered to what you have.  I have used walnuts or pecans instead of sunflower kernels or along with.  I have used raisins, white chocolate chips, regular chocolate chips, and even left over green coconut.  Not the old moldy kind silly...  I had colored the coconut for my gingerbread house over Christmas and used the left overs in my granola.  Just throw in whatever you've got! 
I hope you try this recipe!  I feel you will be most happy with it.  Be sure to stir every ten minutes while baking to prevent over baking on the bottom.

 After 10 minutes.
 20 minutes.
 30 minutes.
 After 40 minutes.
 All done!
I store mine in a big mason jar most of the time.  Be sure and let it cool or you'll wind up burning your tongue like I did.  I get so impatient with this stuff!

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