Thursday, November 21, 2013

lovin right now

Just a teeny list of things I am slightly addicted to at the moment. 
Sweatshirt from Target men's department.  I seriously do not want to take it off.  It is so soft and warm, just long enough and just loose enough.  Hard to believe it's made for a man.
Also made for men... Hanes 4 pack, v-neck tees in black and gray.  I already expressed my love for the white ones, so I thought I'd get some other colors.  Comfortable and relaxing.
Dots skinny jeans.  I have had my pair for at least two years and never wear them... until recently.  They are so comfy and hold me just right and came in at a great price.
Roasted peanuts and candy corn!  I have to have a handful every night!  The combination of salted peanuts and candy corn sweetness tastes like a Payday candy bar.  Be sure to get the salted nuts and not be like me who was too cheap to spring for Planters nuts and had to get the lightly salted Kroger brand because that's all they had... not the same.  Boo.
Movies based at holiday time.  I was making ornaments last Sunday and watched The Holiday twice and The Family Stone once.  It made me cry too much to watch it twice.  I'm not quite ready tor Elf and A Christmas Story.  Easin' right in to the season here.

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