Thursday, March 6, 2014

my favorite green smoothie

Not really sure I should say my favorite just yet.  I've only had my VitaMix for a few weeks.  But so far this is my favorite green smoothie and I make myself one every morning.  Matter of fact when I had to skip it this last weekend I felt like something was missing from my day.  I adapted the recipe from one I drank at the Center of Symmetry in Nashville when I took an herb class.  They actually didn't give me the recipe when I bought the refreshing smoothie there so I had to make up the proportions on my own.  I did pretty good because I am hooked.

Also this being March and all and for my love of the color green in anticipation of spring I thought I'd share a few recipes this month of which the end result is green!  Pretty fun.  It beats my time when I chose to wear green every day for a month a few years ago.  I pulled that one off like a pro.  Maybe it doesn't beat that time... but it's still just as fun!

No peeling necessary if you've got a good, high powered blender.

Do peel and de-seed the avacado.

 Don't let the color fool you!  She's awful tasty!

Good morning!!

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