Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Shots

Lucky for me, over the weekend I was able to get out and take a walk through the woods on Friday and Saturday.  Friday's walk was down through the creek and back up power line hill.  Katie Bug went with me.  She had apparently perfumed herself by rolled in something dead and stunk to high heaven.  There wasn't an inch of her that wasn't contaminated.  She wound up spending her weekend sleeping outside in her pen and Saturday I decided it was time for her to take a swim in the pond.  It helped to a degree but Saturday night was also spent in her pen.  We had a very warm weekend, windy but very warm for February.  Despite what the ground hog said, spring seems to be on it's way judging by the buttercups I found.  I also found an array of other woodsy beauty including the sweetest little nest I've ever seen perched on nothing but a couple of thorny twigs but in fantastic condition.  I also spied some sort of lichen that I've not seen before on a dead tree stump.  The spirit in the woods never fails to show me something new.  

Tommy creeping up on his prey.

Walking down power line hill at the creek.  About half way down at this point.

A cat tail.

This is officially one of my new favorite pictures.

I can almost see a little puff of spores billowing out if they were touched.

I love sharing my walks and world with you.  It seems lately I have been sharing much of other people's worlds and my opinions of them.  Good opinions of course.  This week it's all about my part of the world.  

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