Friday, October 16, 2015


YES! Another library book post!!! 
I can feel that you are equally as excited as I am to see what I've got on hold at the library!  I don't blame you.  How else are you going to know what to pick up when you go?  I know I'm not the only library go-er.  There's other people in there every time I'm there.  This time I've been in the mood for a little murder mystery since Halloween is coming up AND I have a four wheeling trip coming up.  Not that I can read in the truck on the way there without getting nauseous or like we will have time for me to lie in the hammock at the beach cause duh!  We're not going to the beach.  We will be on the trails where no book should ever be!  Unless you call the trail map a book... then that's ok and much needed at times.  Nevertheless, I want a fun, fast, dolled up, chick flick kind of murder book and here are my four picks that I literally... wait for it... have on the hold shelf at the library.  Wow.. that literally came out of no where!  I am so making fun of myself in this post and need to stop!  I love sharing my library lists with you...  literally. 
Don't you just love my little witch trails!  I'm so witch crafty.  I know you also love how I get out of doing book reviews the correct way by sharing what's coming to me from the library that I haven't read yet.  You so often don't know if I liked the books or even looked at them.  And why, do you ask, do I need four murder mystery books at one time?  I reckon because I can and I have the fear that if I only get one I won't like it and wish I had gotten a different one that I could "get in to".  So, literally (here I go again) I have one book to read and three on back up... literally.  Makes total sense to me. 

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