Saturday, September 23, 2017

glitter love

I Sewanee... I would name a child glitter.  I would name a pet glitter.  I would name a fish Ultra-Fine Glitter.  I love glitter.  Ironically I have a sister who hates glitter. 

I need some navy blue glitter, which the mere thought of gives me a weird head rush, for a craft project.  I found an Etsy store that I have been staring at for no less than 20 minutes.  I could quite possibly be her new favorite customer.  She's got it all.  My mouth literally started to water when I saw all the sparkly things in her shop.  Just look at them...

Don't you just want to get your hands in it!!!!

Medium shiny clear!?!?!?!?  WHAT?!?!?!

Oh for the love of all things shiny!! Copper.  I'd definitely name a chicken Copper.

How can one have 3 shades of gold?!?!?!  Not why.... how?!?!  

BLACK HOLOGRAM?!?!?!  You have no idea how loud I just yelled that.

Right now.. I wish my super power was to make myself incredibly small so that I can do the Nestea plunge into this beautiful green greatness.  It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz.

MOSS???? That's it!! Witch Kitchen Re-Do!!!

Please... I encourage you from the bottom of my glittery heart... if you are in need of a glitter fix like I am you must visit this fantastic little Etsy shop

Sunday, September 10, 2017

witch's kitchen 95% complete

Holy moly... that is all I can say about my creation.  I love that I have been blessed with the ability to conjure a project I my head, make every aspect and see my results.

I was really stumped on my chair.  I made two that I didn't like.  I got it right this time!  No measurements.  Just balsa wood and a finger nail file... and glue and drop cloth for the seat.  It even rocks!  Well not now because I had to glue everything down.

I was also  bit stumped on the bookshelf.  I finally started making crate yesterday and wound up making three and using the little feet I made for the second chair.  It turned out better than the normal book shelves that I had originally planned.

I decided I wanted a rug.  I dug around my fabric stash until I found the right fur.  Who ever heard of a light green bear rug?  Me that's who.

These little bottles are the only thing that I didn't make by hand.  I did fill them with tiny glitter though.

How do you like my demon goat scull??  Just made it this morning in about 10 minutes.

 I have added  a few more things since this picture.  All I have to do now is the outside to hide the light switches and I am done.  I am so in Love with my little creation!!!  Now what I am gonna do?!?!

Friday, August 25, 2017


Yay!!  A library list from Laurie!!!  I know that's what you're saying. 
Here's what's on hold at the library.... actually not true at all.
I already have the Alan Bradley book, the Marie Laveau and Joss Stone's album which I LOVE.  Oh and the final season of Girls and P&R season one.  Okay!!!  I only don't have Adele yet.  But I currently have them all but in my possession.  Truly.

Alan Bradley and the famous Flavia DeLuce.  I have been in love with this series since Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie when I blogged about it in 2012.  Just type in Bradley in the search on the right to see what I said about them all.  You may run into a post about Bradley tomatoes... just sayin.  This is his eighth book in the series.  I honestly have not read 7.5 but its a digital version that the library has and I don't have a kindle.  I'm more of a for real page turner anyway.  I'll get a hold of it one day.

I started watching Girls and few months ago and truthfully I didn't much care for it at first.  Millennials I thought.  Which is true.  But as I started following their lives from episode to episode I fell pretty hard.  I just finished the final season and can't believe it's over.  Six seasons.  It is HBO pals so beware if you don't like hearing the F word or seeing people's butts and boobs.  Lena Dunham is a genius and I would love to have a piece of her brain.

Adele 21.  I have a special place in my heart for Adele.  I mainly want to listen to these songs at home very loudly and anytime I want.

AND Joss Stone.  Can I say on the internet (uh yeah) that when I first heard her voice I would have put money on her being a much darker skinned individual.  She's white and I'm shocked.  I thought only a voice like that could belong to Aretha Franklin and Jennifer Hudson.  Dang.  I'm in awe and I love her.

Knowing that my seasoned love of Girls was about to be over I decided to look up a few TV on DVD shows that I've never really watched because seriously it is so much better without commercials.  I rarely watch normal TV.  Parks and Recreation I started Sunday and watched a couple of episodes.  It made me laugh a time or two.  I finished the season tonight after work and immediately got on the library's website to get the next two seasons.  It's not my all-time favorite but it'll do and it is funny which I like.

Oh VooDoo Dreams.  Even though this is mainly a fictional story... Marie Laveau was an actual person and the actual VooDoo Queen of New Orleans.  I don't mind whipping up a spell for fun every now and then but I ain't eatin no raw chicken heart.  Nu Uh.  I'll just read about it.  I think the story will be a tad fascinating.  I've read the first few pages and haven't forgotten a thing but have to finish my Flavia book first.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

beans about it

Hey y'all!  You know.. I was not a bean fan growing up.  I have liked green beans for years but not as a child.  The beans I am talking about are more of speckled, black eyed peas, butter beans... you know the kind.  In the last year I have mastered the way I make them.  Even Shaun likes them spoonful after spoonful.  My secret it in the bacon, onion and vegetable broth I use.  I don't just throw them in there.  First I put pieces of bacon and slices of onion in a pot and turn the heat up.  I don't cook the bacon all the way but enough to make some grease for the onions to semi-fry in.  Next I put in the broth and let it start heating up then add the beans, salt, pepper and about a tablespoon of parsley.  I put the lid on the  pot and keep the heat high until I see a good boil.  Then I turn it down to about 2 and let them cook for a while.  Most of the time it's about an hour.  I've let them go longer and I've took them off before the hour.  Just depends on when everything else is done cooking.  I don't add any more broth or water.  As long as the top is on they shouldn't dry up at all.  And I put almost the whole carton of broth.  If I had canned broth I would use the 15 ounce or whatever can and maybe add water.  The box of broth is 32 oz.  I hardly ever use the whole thing.  Just to make sure the beans are covered well with liquid.  I also have gotten used to using frozen beans and not canned.  I just like them better.  So there... my master bean recipe.  Loved round the world... or maybe just my world.  Love ya!

By the way... the secret to not getting the farts if using canned beans is to rinse them with water very well when you first open the can.  Just dump them in a strainer and rinse off the juice that they have been sitting in since they last saw day light.  That is the pooty stuff.  You still might get the toots a little bit but not near as bad.   :)