Saturday, April 15, 2017

lovin right now

Howdy Doo!  Just a few things and places I am "lovin right now".

Piper Wai natural deodorant.  I never really thought that anything besides the junk I've always worn for sweat protection would work.  I love this deodorant.  I haven't quite decided if I like the roll on or rub on better.  The rub on takes practice but it still works great.  Summer is coming!  So we'll see!

Hanes Ultimate Comfy Wireless Bras.  When I had my thermogram I was told to stop wearing bras with underwire.  I actually had fun bra shopping because I actually had something specific to look for.  These bras are my favorite bras completely ever. So comfortable, no cuppage, no padding, great price... I can't say enough.  Check them out here.

I am in love with a blog and especially her free desktop calendars each month.  They aren't loud colors.  I look forward to them each month.  I change mine on my laptop and my computer screens at work.  Please find her wonderful site and blog at

In hopes of Spring Cleaning and making an effort to become more organized, I found a terrific blog called She has fantastic and free checklists.  I have three of them on my fridge right now.  Maybe as I get things done I will check them off the list. 

I've shared this before but this smoothie has been my breakfast for about a month now.  I don't really like starting my day without one.  I found it a couple of years ago on freepeople.  Find the recipe HERE.  I am also really into boiled eggs.  One is more filling than you think.
Beet Smoothie

And for a few extras.......

This is on my To-Craft list.

I can picture painting this watercolor of Black Rose

Lacey... please let me know when you flip out over this Palm Springs Themed Baby Shower.  Not for the baby shower... just the succulent cake and goodies.

I made this coffee scrub.  I want to eat it, it smells so good.  It feels great too.

I want this shirt.  Yes I'm still hooked on that site.

I'm thinking of shoe shopping today.  What do you think about these?

Since I am apparently down to blogging once a month... you can buy this if you miss me.

I stared at this blog post for a while.

I love you.... bye Felicia.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

8 etsy finds

what an amazing morning.  clear headed, light snow falling, dirty hair.  ive been hunting around on etsy this morning.  not really for anything in particular.  but oh the stuff you can find that makes you wish you had a five hundred dollar bill handy to get whatever. 

i did buy the black rose seeds.  and if you don't know why... you should if you know me at all.

the libra journal is precious.  i have bought other journals from her in the past.  love them!

the moon ring.  oh if only precious stones weren't so pricey.

if i could crochet i would buy this pattern and begin immediately.

sticks, stones, feathers, bones... these are 4 of my favorite things.  just look around my home.

fantastic leather sandals.  beautiful but too flat for me.  i still want them.

amethyst soap.  would look so lovely on my bathtub shelf with all the other crystals.

i once had a ring with a band like that.  i lost it at the beach.  never got over it.

i've missed you my darlings

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

been watchin lately

Lately... I have been a movie renter from the library like crazy! 
Here are some of my latest rents and what I thought.

Fantastic movie!  Twists and turns that I was not expecting.  Well played!

I watched this movie three ties last weekend... maybe more.  I love Shirley Maclaine and Jessica Lange both and them together in a movie was fantastic.  Very cute movie.

Did you even know there was a remake of Steel Magnolias??  This is a very cute version but not as good as the original. 

Hunt for the Wilderpeople was pretty cute.  Comic Dynamite???  I didn't think so.  It did make me cry at one point.  Worth the watch.

Charles Dickens Bleak House was absolutely top drawer!  Three dvd's was like a good book I didn't want to put down. 

This movie was funny... even Shaun laughed at this one.  I watched it in the kitchen and decided to share with him.  There is nudity but this being set in the seventies make it really great.

Captain Fantastic I really liked.  I was on the wait list at the library for a few months for this one.  I once started to cancel the hold and am so glad that I didn't.  Really good.

I truly hope you weren't expecting me to tell you what these movies are about.  I don't roll like that although I wanted to.  I like to let you see for yourself.  Kid of like me... I hardly ever read what the movie is about.  I don't want to know what to expect at all.  I don't read the covers of books either.  If I begin reading and don't like it or can't follow it then I put it down.  But I don't like to know anything about  it or I will form my own assumptions ahead of time. 

Here's what I am currently on the wait list for.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

the morning of the swap meet

So the boys left early this morning for the annual Super Bowl Sunday Swap Meet at the fair grounds.  Shaun's advice to Country was to make a list of things you are looking for so's you don't forget things you need.  Sounds like us girls when we are headed to the flea market or BellBuckle!  Boys.. and car parts... I was invited but since my normal getting up time is 4:45 A.M. during the week I thought I'd opt out on the 5 A.M. alarm.  Wouldn't you know once he got up I couldn't go back to sleep.  My thoughts were that I deserve a special breakfast on the Swap Meet Sunday. 

I made a small and easy batch of lemon curd from THIS recipe (that I halved).  Let it sit in the fridge for an hour while I started laundry and sang songs as loud as I pleased.  Then I found an easy crepe recipe in my Better Homes cook book.  I popped some bacon in the oven, got out my skillet and warmed it for the crepes, sliced blueberries and got out my teeny sifter for the powdered sugar.  The crepes are fast and fun to make.  You just pour the batter into a warm slightly greased skillet and let it sit for a few minutes and they are done.  I placed one on a plate, spread out some lemon curd at one end, added fresh blueberries , flipped the other side over to cover and gave it a sprinkling of powdered sugar.  By then the bacon was done and I proceeded to have the most girly breakfast I could think of while savoring every bite.  Of course Katie Bug got a little of the bacon.  Sweetie pie.

This is my current favorite song to sing as loud as I please.