Tuesday, April 1, 2014

cinnamon popcorn

OK.  I know a lot of recipes found say "The Best" or Best Ever".  I am claiming this recipe to be "most addictive".  I seriously have a hard time leaving this alone.  This is a snack that we make at the day care and one that I promptly talked my sister into making to take on a road trip with friends!  When I made the first batch, while equally addictive, I didn't bake in the oven.  Which left the cinnamon kernels kind of soggy and some stuck in my teeth.  Not complaining... it was still wonderful.  But the second batch, not the same day, was baked in the oven which made each kernel crunchy again and delectably wonderful!  I strongly suggest the second method!  

Heating the popcorn in the oven reminded us of our neighbor Carol when we were kids.  She would heat up stale Cheetos in the oven and they would crunch up even more and made them last a lot longer!  I personally liked the more burnt ones but I am a little odd like that.   Funny memories!

Here is the fantastic recipe.  Please make this and try your very best to share it!  I will not be held responsible for any belly aches as a result of over gorging!  It reminds me of last year, coming home from Bellbuckle, TN, we ate and ate and ate the kettle corn that we bought on the way out.  So much that my tongue wasn't quite the same for a couple of days.  But somehow I couldn't stop.  There was just one more piece that was doused in sweet stuff.  Good Luck!

What?? What's Bellbuckle??? Only the best craft fair in the South!  See my posts about our trips 
HERE and HERE.  

And read a funny story about someone who stole some flower seeds.

And our favorite store, Phillips General Store.

P.S. Happy April Fool's Day!  Don't let anybody fool ya!

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