Wednesday, April 2, 2014

moving things around

I thought our porch could use a bit of a redo.  The last time I moved things around was early last summer.  The bridge cloth on the makeshift barrel table has faded on the front side which is alright because it has holes and all anyway.  Sometimes I buy things like that cheap at yard sales solely for these purposes.

This entire "moving of the things" was inspired by a light bulb.  Not the idea ones that appear over heads in cartoons, but an actual vintage looking light bulb.  See... I have this lamp that I paid a quarter for at a yard sale (imagine that) that I can't seem to find a shade to fit.  I saw one of these light bulbs in a lamp for sale on Etsy and set out to find myself one.  I wound up finding the "vintage" labelled bulbs at the Home Depot and was tickled to death.  Before... the table was on the left of our front door.  I had to move it to the right of the door because that's where the plug is.  See... moving things around.  This also inspired me to change the table top scenery, move a bench or two around and even add a coffee table.  The coffee table kinda threw Shaun off for a minute.  "That coffee table's gonna get a bit of weather up here" he said.  "Better than molding in the basement" I said.  Plus it's being used now.  I like it here.  It will especially come in handy when bean breaking season gets here and will be a good place to set lemonade during a library read on the church pew.



What's going on out here?!?! 
(p.s. the Cotton is not normally in our house) 

That little chair is Shaun's Granny's high chair from when she was little.  I plan to have a trailing plant sitting there this summer. 

I feel this sign is appropriate form the entrance to our house.

Well... look at me being all professional and not taking pictures of the other side of the door!  I can't wait to bring my plants back out to garnish the decor with fresh green.  Flowers will be a nice touch too!

OH and BTW... HERE's the link to the light bulb inspiration Etsy shop.

See the church pew?  HERE's where my sister and I painted it.

HERE's when I found the Wildlife Refuge sign.

Another one of my favorite things about being outside and this weather.

And how to plant in a dump truck.

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