Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Finds

From the writer (me) who brought you Weekend Finds from the Historic District in Springfield Tennessee sale last week, we have.... week two.  Because sometimes I don't want to spoil all the fun in one blog post.  And sometimes I want more stuff to post on.  Either way my main goal is sharing with you!  xoxo 
This is the darker colored items that I bought a couple of weekends ago. 
I am really liking the long braided trivet on our table.  It still had the tags on it.

 I am more than halfway through this book right now.
 I am currently using this crock-spittoon on the back porch for a water bowl for Miss Kate.
Collecters would be shocked I'm sure.

Hog Painting: $3.00
Old Crock Spittoon: $1.00
Braided Trivet: $1.00
Wildlife Refuge Sign from the 50's: $4.00
Child's Rocking Chair: $3.00
The Secret Life of Bees book: $1.00