Monday, July 7, 2014

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I still carry my inspiration journal.  Truth: I attended a health food seminar last winter in which I needed a piece of paper for the hostess to add up my beef purchase.  I peeled a sliver of paper from my journal and after the gal said "don't forget your inspiration journal" with a funny look on her face as if teasing me.  Maybe if I let that thought go I could say Inspiration Journal without thinking about it.  Anyway... I've been inspired by a few new-to-me blogs the last couple of days, made a collage for my journal and thought I would share.

The passage: MysticMamma

The pics: originally from other sources but found on BohemianHomes

Originally inspired by: frommoontomoon

I am dreaming of hanging plants in my bathroom above the claw foot tub when it's time to bring them back inside for the cold winter months.  I expect tension from Shaun about poking holes in the ceiling.  My answer will be... build me a greenhouse.

The passage and pictures will be cut out and glued into my inspiration journal.  You may browse the blogs mentioned to get the whole stories and larger pictures.  

I was overly touchy and slightly grope-y over the weekend after reading this article.

Find more about my journalling here and here.

I am craving a new book to read... got any suggestions?

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