Tuesday, November 25, 2014

gingerbread house ideas

I know many of you are just dying to know of my plans for my gingerbread house this year.  Well... I am not hiding my thoughts this time or at least not all of them.  My house plans are usually top secret.  This year I am going to try my best to make my house a log cabin.  Keeping it simple on the actual decorations and concentrating more on the look of the actual house.  I am going to try and tone down the gaudy and tone up the structure.  We will see what happens.  

I have turned to library books on the subject and pictures on pinterest for ideas.  I have bought my building supplies and hopefully the icing will be extra sticky!  I also want to color some green for my trees made on sugar cones and plan to make a final dusting with powdered sugar when everything is in place.  I'm pretty excited!

Want to see more??

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