Tuesday, October 6, 2015

around here

There are days at this little day care of mine that I'm tired.  There are days when it feels like just another job.  There are days when I feel like all I do is bitch at kids all day.  There are days when I literally wash dishes more than twelve times.  There are days when it's hard and days when I'm frustrated.  There are days when no one listens or minds.  And then there are days like today. 

I felt thankful to be here the minute I got here unloading groceries at six o'clock this morning because I didn't stop on Saturday to unload when I was headed home.  The minute I heard one of my kindergarteners' voices coming around the corner, here because it's fall break at school, my heart felt warm.  I love that I cook Shaun's breakfast here and he stops to pick it up every day on the way out.  This is a functioning place and I make it happen.  I love that I looked out the window and realized how warm it was going to be and what a beautiful day it is today.  I came back into the playroom and had the kids clean up and put on their shoes without telling them what was up as the smell of yellow cupcakes filled our air for a birthday celebration this afternoon.  I sprayed everyone's lower limbs with bug spray as they headed out the door knowing we were headed for an adventure.  Our walk was to the dirt pile that looked a lot drier from the trailer but was not after a few days of rain.  We passed it up and headed over to Sleepin' Bear looking for treasures and lizards. 

I got real crafty with a couple of feathers I found (see Thursday's post) while the kids played right outside the door within my ear's reach.  I made lunch of chicken nuggets, homemade mac n cheese and corn off the cob.  We started watching a Curious George Halloween "Boofest" movie that I picked up over the weekend at the library.  We will finish it at naptime tomorrow.  We played "musical chores" which is pretty much chores with music after lunch where one swept, one wiped the table, one got the nap mats out and one lagged behind slow poking on eating lunch.  It's naptime now and we have a gorgeous afternoon for a party that will include music, sunshine and cake.  Wow... what a job.

I feel like a mother to these kids sometimes and it gives me a little glimpse of what motherhood must be like even though I have learned to accept our childless life style.  This is a good day even though my back aches and the skin on my fingers cracks from washing dishes.  I have no boss telling me I can't do something or that I have certain goals to meet.  I love it... most days :)

It's Monday!  And our make-a-face pumpkin on the fridge.

My larger than life scarecrow.

What a mug.

I realized that I don't have a 9x13 here.  I figure I can freeze some for another day.

A right instead of a left.

Wanting to see what is under the rocks.  I said "don't be surprised if it's a snake".

They both found walking sticks.

Chit chatting with me.

See how beautiful?

This was their idea.

We walked to the big pond.  I told them that there used to be an alligator that lived in this pond.  Which wasn't a lie.  It was the floating alligator head that I got Gary one year for father's day.  The boys kept saying "Oh Miss Laurie I think I saw it in the water" or the bushes by the pond.  The head sank last year.  I kept that to myself.

Some of my craftiness. 

My lunch.

Sharpening sticks using rocks and talking.

Lunch on it's way.

Black and white because now it's just a memory.

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