Monday, October 5, 2015

lovin right now

Are you ready?  This is a jammed lovin right now!  I just couldn't stop.  I probably could have added more.  I love sharing things that are just ticklin my fancy with you.  Yea... AND on a Monday!  So here goes...
OK let's start with the Nivea Crème.  I am hooked.  I have had some pretty rough skin issues over the last ten years and while I don't complain right now because it's not as bad currently as it has been in recent years I still deal with it daily.  I started out by buying the little purse sized (navy blue) Nivea crème at Kroger because it was one dollar and I thought I'd try it.  I put it on my spots, as I call them, when they were at their driest.  It really did seem to nourish and keep them from being painful.  So when I ran out of my other lotion I bought the Nivea Crème Soft at the Kroger two weeks ago.  My, my, my soft skin!  I'm in love with this lotion and kinda regret ordering my other kind that's not here yet.  Believe me, with my psoriasis/eczema/like skin issues, I have tried LOTS of lotions and creams.  So when I come across one that works, even for a little while, I pass it on to other possible sufferers.  Ok.. gross I know... but sometimes the skin in my eye brows freaks out and gets REALLY dry and bad flaky.  I lather this stuff on a couple of times and it clears up.  Even without using my steroid cream.  NICE!
Ah Kacey Musgraves.  My niece took me to her concert two weeks ago.  I already was a fan of KM's music but seeing her in concert was the bomb.  While there I bought two shirts (sucker!) and I bet I have worn the one pictured here ten times since then.  It fits me perfect and I love the song Die Fun by Kacey.  It reminds me of Shaun and I... pretty much being able to do what we want to (but still work and be responsible). 
Another suggestion from my niece, Lacey, upon searching for a 2016 day planner.  She is a big Lilly Pulitzer girl and buys herself this planner each year.  Since I couldn't get the one I wanted I got this one above from Amazondotcom.  I do like it a lot and know I will fill it with many plans and memories because most of the time I write more about what we did than what we're going to do.
Several Fridays ago, I phoned Shaun to tell him I was thinking of going to the grocery after work and he coaxed me into just coming home and taking it easy after a long week.  When I got there that Mister of mine had a little surprise for me!  A Yeti koozie of my vary own.  They keep the last drop of your canned beverage just as cold as your first drop!  For real!  If they last that long.
While I had too much time to kill between dentist appointments when I was having problems, I stopped in Bath and Body Works briefly and bought a few new things.  One of them was a purse sized Iced Coconut Colada body spray.  I adore the scent and carry it with me always and keep one in the bathroom at home.  I love the coconut beachy smell of it and know I will this winter when I'm down in the mouth because summer seems so far away.  I will just spray it and inhale with my eyes closed!
Last but certainly not least... we found the problem with our internet GB usage.  Yes... it was me, but it was mainly that my internet USB needed an upgrade.  So my smart husband got me one from Verizon, which is who we use for internet access and now all of our troubles have gone!  This past month I downloaded two games, got back to blogging, chatted with friends via FB, ordered a few things and for sure cruised my blogs.  I even looked up kids stuff and crafty ideas!  All that would have eaten our old GB up in a week.  Thank goodness for upgrades!  No more overage!  Who'd have thought that that's what we needed.  We were already preparing our pockets for a new computer which I now do not need!! YAY!  I love my old little laptop.
Here's the Kacey Musgraves song Die Fun.  It sounds sad at first but it's not!  Although it has made me cry... and dance.

And here's another one of hers I like.


I don't want to but I'll stop now.  Now I'm Lovin YOU Right Now for putting up with this long ass post!!! XOXO

P.S. Happy Birthday Jessica!!!

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